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    New guy here.....40D, Rebel T1i, t2i or XSi

    I'm upgrading from my Olympus Evolt E-500 mainly because of the cost of upgrade lenses compared to Canon or Nikon. Anyway I've got my choices narrowed down to one of the ones listed above or possibly a 50D if I could find one for the right price. I've already got a couple of lenses (EF 35-80 and...
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    Team, posting some bird shots photographed in December 2015. All shots were taken with EOS 50D and 70-200 F4L + Canon 1.4 XII TC C&C welcome! Egret standing alone by v_2shaib, on Flickr Egret taking off. Mangalajodi, Orissa by v_2shaib, on Flickr Egret waiting for Love by v_2shaib, on...