50mm 1.8

  1. cinimodphoto

    Stepping out of my normal bounds

    So I typically do landscape, nature, mountains, and animals. I lately though have been spreading out cause where I currently live I am not a fan of the "landscape" here and was getting burned out. So I started going out at night doing what I called "Nighttime Moments", so here is some of my...
  2. Nikon74

    Sold: Nikon D610

    Item sold
  3. ParadiseBizz

    Sony 50mm f/1.8 after the firmware upgrade to version 03

    I bought the Sony 50mm f/1.8 for a video review on my youtube channel ParadiseBizz. It currently retails between $199 and $240, so it really doesn't break the bank. I checked in my camera menu (toolbox page 6 >> version) which firmware it came with and I saw that the latest firmware version 3...
  4. R

    24-70 dilemmas

    Hi, I am researching lenses and have so many questions I decided to just post in here and see if more knowledgeable people could help me out! Background: I have a canon t3i that came with kit lens plus a 50/1.8 and 35/2.0. Mostly, I take pictures of my kids, family activities/ events. My...
  5. UjaiDidida

    Same DOF with different lenses?

    Is it possible to get the same depth of field with different lens? Let say If I want to get as shallow DOF as a 50mm can do at f1.8, but I only have a 24-105mm f4, so I zoom in to 105mm @ f4, will the DOF be the same like the 50mm @ f1.8? There might be a perspective compression difference but...
  6. B

    Canon EOS M/50mm 1.8

    I have the Canon EOS M with the 50mm 1.8 lens. When I press the shutter button half way to autofocus, the shutter closes but doesn't reopen. When I press the button again, it opens. Everything works fine on manual focus and the autofocus works with my other lenses. Any help would be greatly...