5d mark iv

  1. E

    Selling - Canon 5D Mark IV with Canon BG-E20 battery grip, includes all packaging, strap, 1 battery, charger [USA-TX]

    Selling my Canon 5D Mark IV full frame DSLR camera along with a genuine Canon BG-E20 battery grip. Items have been meticulously cared for. They have never been dropped, don't have any scuffs, scratches, or dings, and always kept clean. Mostly used for studio portraits and for occasional...
  2. BasilFawlty

    I Couldn’t resist BH Deal 5D Mark IV bundle

    (Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with B&H) Not long ago, I saw a special sale from one of the other well-known stores for the Canon 5D4, bundled with a Flashpoint Speedlight. The price was just under $2k for the bundle. To say this was tempting would be an understatement. The 5D4 is a...
  3. Mitch2742

    A few shots with the new camera...

    It's been quite some time since I last logged in here! Photography has been a hobby of mine for years, but it goes up and down. I'm currently shooting again, and recently picked up a 5D IV along with a 35mm 1.4. Here are my first few shots... and then one I shot with my 60D before the...
  4. k.udhay

    5D mark iv - White balance in live view mode

    I quite recently bought a new 5d mark iv and excited trying variety of shots. The other day I thought of doing some experiments with white balance and I found something strange. All I wanted was to try this: When I tried I got stuck: 1. Toggled the live view button to still pictures icon 2...
  5. A

    Workarround Rate Button Canon 1DX Mark II

    Hello folkes, i'm a wedding photographer and very used to my old 5D Mark III. I use A LOT the Rate Button but now it's gone. This was a super important feature for me, and my workflow (same day edit, etc..) Any ideas I can workarround this "issue"? Cheers!
  6. A

    Canon 5D Mark IV Body

    Got a Canon 5D Mark IV body for sale: -Bought In November 2016 - 5,130 on the shutter count - Includes: USB Cable Original Battery Original Charger Neck Strap Software CD I'm currently selling at £1200 ONO. Message for more details and pictures will be up soon. All payments through PayPal...
  7. GreggS

    5DS-R vs 5D Mk IV: On the Fence

    I'm hoping to reach out specifically to people who have experience using both of these cameras. I currently have a Canon 80D and I love it, and I do wish to stay with Canon as opposed to Nikon or even Sony...but the 80D is an APS-C frame, and I'm looking to upgrade to full frame. I've done a lot...