I Couldn’t resist BH Deal 5D Mark IV bundle


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Oct 21, 2012
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(Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with B&H)

Not long ago, I saw a special sale from one of the other well-known stores for the Canon 5D4, bundled with a Flashpoint Speedlight. The price was just under $2k for the bundle. To say this was tempting would be an understatement.

The 5D4 is a Camera I’ve been lusting after ever since I borrowed one from the Canon tent at the Albuquerque Balloon fiesta two years ago. I currently have a Canon 7D Mark II and a Canon 6D. The 7D is for BIF, Sports, etc. The 6D I use for everything else that isn't moving fast. The 6D is a very capable camera, but just lacking a bit in FPS and focus capabilities. I’d been thinking I’d like to upgrade the 6D for some time now. This deal was VERY tempting but, since I already have 2 Canon 600EX-RT and 1 Oris Speedlight, I resisted as I really don’t need another SpeedLight.

Then this morning I got an email from BH Camera stores with yet another pre-Christmas deal. This time, however, the bundle was for the 5D4 with an OEM Canon battery grip and a 64GB SD Card! The price was the same - just $1999 with free one-day shipping. I know this was not a “need” - it was a “want”. I get that, but resistance was futile and I pulled the trigger! It was the bundle with the OEM Grip and the SD card that tipped the scales. If their shipping claim holds true, I should have it just in time for Christmas.

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