1. Farouk Qosay

    Question about wide-angle lenses!

    Hello everyone, I've had a question in my head for a while and I always try to research it, but I don't seem to quite understand the answers given to me. Are wide-angle lenses compatible with the Canon EOS 70D (Crop-frame sensor)? If the answer is ''yes'', what are the best wide-angle...
  2. Farouk Qosay

    I need an advice!

    Hello everyone, I have a Canon EOS 70D and I thought that I might need to start working on becoming a freelance photographer. I would like to know if Canon 70D is good to work with while being a freelance photographer, I haven't really chosen which category I'm gonna be specialized in, but...
  3. E

    Need help choosing a lens!!

    Ok so I just recently picked up a canon 70d. I want to shoot cars during the night where I will be using a tripod. I was considering the canon 24mm or the 50mm but both have their ups and downs. I would also be interested in shooting the city at night. I also want a lens for night time videos...
  4. PhotoUp

    Canon 70D vs. Sony a6000

    Hello. I am deciding between 2 cameras, the canon 70d and the sony a6000. I can get them for around the same price along with about 200mm lenses. I plan on using which ever one I get as my everyday and any type of photography camera along with a good amount action photography. I will also be...