1. TWX

    Home, Sweet Home

    Canon EOS 77D, Pinhole, 3 second shutter, ISO100. Scaled 50% for forum, otherwise straight out of the camera.
  2. TWX

    Aperture to make the amateur's results better, what next?

    I went through my e-mail records, we ordered the 77D almost exactly one year ago, February 16th, 2019, and it arrived on February 21st. Since receiving it I've put a little over ten thousand shots through it, the vast majority single-shot snaps. I understand the exposure triangle. I think...
  3. TWX

    Promaster 7650 L-Bracket

    A little while ago I picked up a Promaster 7650 arca-swiss style L-bracket (L-plate) for Canon 77D, presumably also fits T7i. Got mine used from Kenmore Camera in Kenmore, Washington but only thing "wrong" was the set-screw underneath was missing and I had to source one elsewhere, for saving...