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    A little while ago I picked up a Promaster 7650 arca-swiss style L-bracket (L-plate) for Canon 77D, presumably also fits T7i. Got mine used from Kenmore Camera in Kenmore, Washington but only thing "wrong" was the set-screw underneath was missing and I had to source one elsewhere, for saving around $40 over new I'll take it.


    I generally like it. I bought it because when I tried a portrait-orientation with my camera on the tripod with my Tamron 70-300mm lens, I found the rig to be unstable requiring me to keep a hand on it at all times. The L-plate moves the relative position of the camera to the tripod on the X-axis back to the center, so I now only have to contend with the Y-axis and can fairly easily do that. I also like that it has a provision for my hand-strap at the bottom, and that this position is actually closer to the right side than the arca-swiss plate I'd previously had underneath while still barely avoiding the battery cover. The hand strap feels a little more solid this way.


    Due to the design of the camera and its ports on the side, they had to offset the side bracket relative to the bottom bracket. This leaves access to all of the ports, albeit just barely. Still, I was able to plug in a random USB cable when I needed to pull some photos off that way, it worked well enough, and I was also able to use the mic-in socket when I shot some video with this setup.

    The side plate has a gap in it, the gap set up to allow the screen to have somewhere to go when it articulates. The position isn't perfect in that it does restrict the screen's movement, but it's not so severe as to be unusable. It wouldn't surprise me if this proved to be the most useful place for the cutout while still retaining compatibility with various Arca-Swiss type clamping systems.

    Even though the side panel is removable with a 5/32" allen key I find that I generally leave it on. If circumstances benefit from it I can grab on to it with the left hand similarly to the right hand hold, and if I'm using a sufficiently lightweight and short lens I can balance the camera on that side instead of needing to use a miniature tripod, this has worked for the 50mm f/1.8 and the 24mm f/2.8.

    I have used it a little with the side plate removed, but there are two problems. First problem, what to do with the screw. I don't want to lose that screw, and it would stick out if it was reinstalled without the side plate.

    Second problem, the extremely hard corners at the bottom edge. There are hard corners in two dimensions there, leaving two points. These points are uncomfortable to hold on to and I do not wish to marr up anything by scratching or scraping. I wish the'd radiused the edge in at least one dimension, such that the corner would be eliminated, it'd simply be a hard edge.

    One of these days I may remove it from the camera, and with the side plate installed, try filing-down around the edge a bit to reduce the sharpness. We'll see though, as it would probably leave bare aluminum.

    Now, one thing I'm curious about, is if it was actually designed for the T6i/T6s, also sold as the 750D and 760D. Promaster gave this part number 7650, which seems like a portmanteau of 750 and 760, plus when I compared the 760D against my 77D for its published specifications, they're extremely similar in size. Thing is I can't find any references that say it fits the 750D/760D though.

    Attachment point for hand strap
    Clears battery door and side ports
    Allows for easy tripod portrait mounting
    Arca-Swiss compatible
    Makes for extra hold point for left hand
    Allows camera to sit portrait orientation with some lenses
    Side panel removable

    Requires tool to remove side panel
    Sharp corner if side panel removed
    Moderate interference with articulating screen
    No good provision to store screw if side panel removed

    Anyway, I like it, I don't anticipate removing it without specific reason. It's not especially heavy, attaches the hand strap well, and provides a few different options for how to use it.


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