7d mark ii

  1. photoflyer

    Mirrorless Convert Buys DSLR

    I'm a mirrorless convert. I got the R6 and truly enjoy using it. But, while it is not a done deal as they have to get the camera from another store, on Friday I should be getting a Canon 7D Mark II with only 19k on the shutter. I've enjoyed watching folks on the forum dig their heals in for...
  2. S

    Sigma vs. Sigma help

    Hey there, I'm a sports photographer with a Canon 7D Mark II, and a 70-200mm, so far so good, I love this tele. But when it comes to wide angle I currently use a poor kit lens, it really is bad. Because in my free-time I also do some portraits I wonder which of Sigmas primes would be the best...
  3. Squa7ch2112


    We took a trip to Florida last week and these are a few of my shots. Love me some shorebirds. All taken with a Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 G2.
  4. Squa7ch2112

    Elk -- Valley Park, MO

    Wasn't the greatest light due to all the rain, but I walked away with a couple shots I like. Taken in Lone Elk Park, Valley Park, MO.
  5. Squa7ch2112

    Just a few in-flight shots from vacation.

    We took a trip to Daytona Beach, FL last year and I had a great time shooting all the various shorebirds and managed to grab some in-flight shots as well. It was a little precarious shooting Pelicans in waist high water with all the waves but weather sealing helped with that...now the sand was a...
  6. D

    Canon 80D vs Canon 7D Mark 2

    Hello, I need some help deciding between the Canon 80D and 7D Mark 2. I've been doing a lot of research and talked to a Canon representative, but I'm essentially treading water on the decision. I plan to do most photography dealing with waterfowl on water and in flight, and retriever breeds...
  7. JustinMichaelPhoto

    Fs/Ft Canon 7d mk II with kit lens and acc. PICS INSIDE

    Canon 7d mk ii w/ 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II and acc. I purchased a 7d mk ii three months ago with an 18-55 kit lens and a bunch of filters. I purchased it brand new from bestbuy with an extended warranty and no questions asked 3 year accidental coverage. I'm ready to upgrade to full frame. Camera has...
  8. E

    Selling: Canon 7D Mark II LNIB $1200 obo

    Selling a Like New Canon 7D Mark II Comes with: Body, Strap, Manuals, Battery, Charger, Original Box Body is like new, No scratches on LCD, Clean. The Price is $1200 obo. I have over 100 positive feedbacks on Ebay. If you can't trust me here, you can message me on Ebay and Ill reply. Ebay...