1. G

    New too forum. Need help with camera choice

    So a little background about me. I’m not completely new too photography. I used too have a t4i years ago. Because I was into macro photography and animal photography. I have since sold that camera and looking too upgrade. I’m between the Sony a6100/a6400 vs cabin EOS RP I primarily would...
  2. T

    Shutter Speed

    I am trying to do a study with "playing with light" I am having trouble with the shutter speed (i am a n00b) But i seem to be getting it right. ISO ~100 shutter 5 sec-10sec any tips for me here? here is my best so far, granted I have only started to explore this today Shooting Sony A6300
  3. 0ptics

    The switch to Mirrorless?

    I've been shooting with a Nikon D7100 for years now and I think the weight/size and the decent low light capabilities are wanting me to upgrade. Majority of my pictures are of landscapes/hikers in nature/travel; I use a Nikon 12-24mm f/4 (75% of the time) & Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 (25%). I am...
  4. M

    S-Log2 overexposure and Auto ISO (exposure question)

    Hi, I'm pretty new to filming with my Sony A6300 (photography in general too) and try to figure out how to expose S-Log2 properly (I think I read like 100 posts about it by now). The question I can't seem to answer is the following: Situation: - I mostly film in very bright outside situations...
  5. D


    Hey guys and gals! I'm looking for tips for a new camera to invest in! I'm going to be totally honest with you and i'm new to this photography thing, but i'm a dedicated learner so i'm NOT looking for a beginners equipment. So my budget will be around 1100 USD but hopefully we'll find...
  6. Z

    A6300 moire?

    Anybody coming into contact with any moire during real-world use with the a6300? I shoot alot of interview style videos, main concern is striped and plaid shirts. Thanks, Zach
  7. B

    I want to buy a 4k camera for video

    I am going to be setting up a new reef aquarium and I want to film the process to help people who are getting started in the hobby and I want a camera, I want to buy a camera to film in 4k inside my home with a tripod & slider, i want to do some up close shots of my aquarium and my fish swimming...