alien bees

  1. B

    Help with Alien Bee lighting outdoors!

    I am hoping someone who shoots with AB's outdoors could chime in.. :1251: I shoot mostly studio and i have several AB's currently. AB1600, AB800 and 2 AB400's. I have a tiny shooting space indoors so my 1600 was too much and i felt like the 800 might be too much so i recently picked up two used...
  2. Dionysus

    Paul C Buff/Cybersync Triggers + CyberCommander Transmitter (selling indiv or bundle)

    1. I have two wireless triggers from Paul C Buff, they are Cybersync Triggers the exact model is CSRB+, which means they are powered by two AA batteries. Batteries last a long time in these, and its a lot more convenient than AC powered if you do a lot of work on the road away from outlets. One...
  3. Dionysus

    FS - Alien Bees B800 Strobe

    We all know the product and the reputation, so there's not really any point in listing specs, because if you don't already know them, they're easy as heck to find. I'll speak specifically about this strobe. I used this strobe pretty regularly as part of a 4 strobe setup. It's time to upgrade...