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Paul C Buff/Cybersync Triggers + CyberCommander Transmitter (selling indiv or bundle)


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Sep 23, 2008
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Newfield, NY
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1. I have two wireless triggers from Paul C Buff, they are Cybersync Triggers the exact model is CSRB+, which means they are powered by two AA batteries. Batteries last a long time in these, and its a lot more convenient than AC powered if you do a lot of work on the road away from outlets. One caveat.

-On one unit I lost the battery cover at some point. Still works perfectly fine, I used to just cover the batteries with Duck Tape.

They retail new at 90.00 ea.
-The one with missing battery cover I'll let go for 50.00
-The regular one I'll let go for 60.00

2. Cyber Commander Control Unit/Transmitter

-The hot shoe mount at some point broke, but I superglued the piece back in place and has worked perfectly fine for me the whole time. Just be careful where the mount meats your hotshoe mount. You have to be gentle to make sure it stays together. Havent had it rebreak, but just so you know.
-some minor scratching on the screen (its the type of plastic that is susceptible to scratches if youre not careful)
-Takes two AAA batteries

Has always worked great for me. It has a simple meter on the back of it to help you calibrate the flash settings. You can control flashes individually or trigger them as a group. If used with Alien Bees strobes and CSRB+ Triggers, you can even adjust the power output on the strobes from the transmitter for on the fly adjustments.

Retails new for 179.95.I'll let it go for 100.00

If you want all three items, I'll let it go for 180.00 Shipped.


**I have the boxes and some cords for the triggers and you can just go to paulcbuff.com for manuals and what not.
**I have no box or documentation for the Cyber commander, but again, you can just go to paulcbuff.com

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