1. M

    Bird's in the Park

    Any CC welcomed, Taken with a Chinon 55mm Vintage lens.
  2. LK_Nature_Photography

    Hello I´m new here, who am I, some pictures, why I´m here...

    Hello everybody! My name is Leon Kiss (Kish on Hungarian) and I want to be a professional wildlife/nature photographer. I´m from Serbia, I´m half Hungarian, I live now in Germany and I speak Serbian, Hungarian, German, and English. I bought my first DSLR camera last year in August a Canon 70D...
  3. mdsphotography

    Why Me?

    Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by. New to the Forum and to Photography. Well I, like pretty much everyone else here, have been taking photos for many years but it is only about the last 6 months that I started looking at it more seriously. This photo was taken awhile ago at our...
  4. jessecrowdenphotography

    A few of my animal shots

    check out the rest of my pics at Jesse Crowden Photography
  5. Marcus58

    European bison

  6. Taybrode

    go west

    I recently took a road trip out west and found the the animals to be quite intriguing.
  7. Taybrode

    Looking for some photo critique

    I have recently become more interested in photography, however I've come to realize that I really do not know a lot about the field. Books and websites are helpful of course, but they can only teach so much. Basically I'm just looking for some advice or critiquing of my photos. Maybe some advice...
  8. G

    Newbie here!

    Hey everyone, I am a new amateur wildlife/animal photographer from the UK and just wanted to share some of my photo's with you and hope you enjoy them. I have a 500px account - Username GregSheard1 please feel free to follow if you do like my photo's and any feedback would be more than welcome...
  9. UrosPhotography

    Cats in black and white

    My name is Uros and I come from Slovenia . I love photography and animals , so I decided to photograph cats in black and white . I like to hear your comments and opinion about my photos. Hope you like it . :) Click on the link bellow to see my gallery Uroš Photography Thanks Uroš