1. C

    D3100 shooting underexposed

    I have a Nikon D3100, shooting on manual. It’s been shooting fine the last few days, I’m learning how to adjust aperture, shutter, and ISO to fit the needs of what I’m shooting. Today I turned it on and everything it shoots in massively underexposed. I’ve adjusted everything to try and fix it...
  2. H

    Loupedeck + photo editing keyboard, super clean in box!!! $190

    I'm selling my Loupedeck+. I’ve only used it a handful of times. If you’re processing a lot of Lightroom phot’s this is a must have!!! This is the updated model the + I guess it’s compatible with other software. Sells new for $249 from BH photo. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have...
  3. P

    What Really Are The Right Settings?

    So I definitely understand what each setting is and the matter of counterbalancing them with each other to create a good looking image. But I have learned a large part of my photography from doing lowlight with fairly limited gear. I had always gone straight for lowering my aperture to 2.8 or...
  4. mrsblackfoto

    Help new to photography world!

    hi there my name is Krystal I'm a mother of two and just begun to take photography more seriously. My goals are to have a business and also be involved in the fine art spectrum of the field. I have a background in art I always been better at thinking with the creative side of my brain so...