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Nov 12, 2015
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hi there my name is Krystal I'm a mother of two and just begun to take photography more seriously. My goals are to have a business and also be involved in the fine art spectrum of the field. I have a background in art I always been better at thinking with the creative side of my brain so phtography sparked a new passion within! I will not be able to go to college for photography but I do plan on taking some workshops. I recently bought
a used camera. I thought it was a dslr but from what I found online it's not considered one so that was kinda a blow. It does have most of the same dials and functions so it is a good learning tool. It is a canon PowerShot sx20 is. I am looking forward to getting a tripod, reflectors and an external flash here soon. The only thing I wish I could do while I still am learning on this camera is get a better lens. I can't get that buzz fuzzy background no matter how low the aperture is. I have gotten bokeh so that was exciting. I can't wait to learn more and eventually upgrade to a cannon rebel. I have just started In Lightroom as well and I love it and learning it as well. Anyways if any of you have any tips for me with the camera I do have I would love to hear it! thanks a lot! Here are some pics I've done so far. FYI I'm having trouble with the lens hood making shadows at certain light variances if you can tell in the photo with the dress a maroon background
I didn't mean help I'm new to the photography world, I meant hello! But I will take any and all advice!
Welcome to TPF. As you mentioned, looks like you already have some creative art flair which is definitely a plus.

Somewhere in TPF world, there is a list of photography acronyms and their meanings. If I find it, I will post the link for you if someone does not beat me to it. (it will help when you want to describe things like 'buzz fuzzy background' :) .
There are lots and lots of folks here that will help you along in your photography journey. :)

Once you state a budget, we will all do our best to drive you crazy with what camera you should or could by with that budget. WE LOVE SPENDING YOUR MONEY. :biglaugh:

Here you go. More than just acronyms.
Camera Terms and Acronyms for Dummies | Photography Forum
Lol I meant very fuzzy background ! My auto text is brutal. I will take a look at the acronyms thanks so much for the reply!!
Welcome aboard.

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