1. D

    HELP: Aperture goes wide open when camera just turned on, but aperture read out is different (F11)

    Before anything, I use Sony A7S III with samyang/rokiron f2.8 24 mm. I use manual or "movie" mode which is essentially also manual just for video. So as I stated in the title, when I turn on my camera, aperture instantly goes wide open, which is not what is showed on the screen (either I have...
  2. P

    is the depth of field suppose to be subtle?

    comparing these two photos i took with relatively same settings environment, in doors, key light source window with shades/blinds and a lamp manual mode iso-800 shutter speed to 1/30 of a second tried it with f 4.0 (lowest aperture) vs f 11 which most people take photo of product photography...
  3. J

    Tips For Beginners

    I found (in my opinion) the BEST site for tips for beginners. It dumbs it down for you in regards to aperture, balance, cropping, depth of field, etc... This is really helping me out alot. No linkbacks, please - Admin.
  4. photo1x1.com

    Comparison tool for portrait lenses with REAL images

    Hey all, I have been working on this for quite a while. I have created a comparison tool that helps people (particularly beginners) to see the difference, focal length and f-number make on different portraits. You can compare 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, and 200mm. Depending on the chosen lens you...
  5. P

    Took a pic of this model, what can be improved

    obviously i could cropped out the legs as i was capturing him using AI focus. my lowest aperture was 4.0 on the lens, so that's the best i could do with shallow depth of field. can you critique it, and also give me some pointers for improving this image on software like photoshop? Imgur thanks!
  6. P

    Mamiya Universal 65mm Lens Aperture Question

    Hi all, I just picked up a Mamiya 65mm for my Universal Press camera. When I set the aperture to wide open (f6.3) the blades in the lens do not open all the way, they appear to still be closed just a slight bit. I can't find any info online, but I found this video and the aperture on the lens...
  7. C

    Lensbaby creative aperture disks

    Anyone know where I can get a set of creative aperture disks (or blank ones) at a reasonable price? 3rd party ones used to be available on ebay but can't find any now.
  8. M

    Looking for Apple Aperture 2.0

    Although discontinued, Apple Aperture is still my editor of choice. Years ago I first bought Aperture 2.0 and later upgraded to Aperture 3 with an upgrade CD/DVD. My iMac was recently stolen and I can’t find my original Aperture 2.0 disk. It’s no longer for sale. Is there anyone who might...
  9. YoungPhotoGirl

    The #1 Photographer Tip! | How to shoot better photos with your DSLR!

    There's so many amateur photographers who are scared to take their skills to the next level. I say scared, because it's not about the individual lacking the skills necessary- Skills are something you develop naturally as you practise. FEAR is what stops you from trying, fear stops you from...
  10. A

    Nikon FM10 viewfinder goes blank

    Hi, I've recently purchased a used Nikon fm10, it came with the lens, nikkor zoom but I'm having some problem with the viewfinder and the aperture of the lens, everytime I took some picture the viewfinder will goes black and it wont return for until the next 2 or 3 frame unless I turn the lens a...
  11. S

    Does an f/1.4 lens at f/5.6 let in more light than f/4 lens at f/5.6?

    Hi, all... Taking a random focal length, say 100mm, does a 100mm f/1.4 lens stopped down to f/5.6 let more light hit the sensor than a 100mm f/4 lens stopped down to f/5.6? Thanks
  12. H

    underexposed with teleconvertor

    Hi, I have a pentax k-x and a Tokina 260mm manual lens (no A), I have just purchased a vivitar MC 2x TC and having a little trouble with light levels, cam set to aperture exposure automatically and using the mode dial,I set iso to auto 100-6400,green button set to (Tv in M mode). I would have...
  13. socraticpong

    Canon EOS70D - Night Photos - Neon

    Hey everyone, Newbie here. Canon EOS70D Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens I'm looking to challenge myself - I'll be touring the city of Dallas, taking photos of Bail Bonds' Neon Signs for a possible gallery showing. I'd like tips and suggestions and how best to capture Neon - your experience...
  14. S

    Two Apertures on slr telephoto lens???

    I have a vemar telephoto 200mm lens I am totally, completely new to analog photography Unlike my other lenses, there are TWO aperture rings on this lens. Both can be adjusted seperateley. Can someone Help explains this. How can I have two different different aperture settings for the same...