1. nerwin

    Need help figuring out what to do with my photo archive

    I need some advice on figuring out what to do with my photo archive that is on my PC now that I'm no longer doing photography. I don't plan on continuing to subscribe to adobe creative cloud just to access them via Lightroom. Obvisually I want to keep my photos and the final edits I've had made...
  2. TWX

    Archiving one's pictures and other data - December 2021

    Pardon if my tone is rather curt, I've just spent the better part of two days trying to copy files from the server to a USB hard drive, only for the USB hard drive filesystem to go corrupt on me around fifteen minutes ago. I have a RAID array in an old server set up with 4TB of storage...
  3. F

    Archiving Files

    Hello, Are SD cards and micro-SD cards reliable as archival storage media? Thanks.
  4. V

    What is a good archival methodology and format?

    I shoot pics for an ecommerce business. Lots of product photos. I've always shot in RAW and keep both the original RAW as well as a PSD of the final edits. Ultimately, they are then exported from PSD and sized for the pic size needed for the online store. So I have RAW, PSD, and a 1280px square...
  5. M

    Nature Photography Collection 20,000+ - $45000

    Feathered Fotos Avian and Nature Photography archives. 20,000+ ultra high quality images of North American birds and nature! This is a once in a lifetime chance to own the rights to some of the highest quality images of birds on the market today. Many of these images have been published in...
  6. J

    Best software for searching, collating and cataloging across drives

    Hi all, Hoping I could get a few suggestions for software to collect up all the images I have and store them safely - situation is: I have multiple hard drives containing numerous (3,000+ photos) in RAW, JPG, TIF formats I'm looking for software that could scan/search across all the drives (I...