1. alex_ethridge


    Hey everyone! Okay....I'm 25 yo and have been running a successful photography business for a year and 6 mo now. I'm located in south Alabama, so Hey Y'all!! Ha! I have really dove off into newborn sessions, specifically, as they are my favorite. There's a couple things I would like you...
  2. alex_ethridge

    Newborn Photography Update for beginner

    Hey everyone!! I have been away for quite some time buuuuuuut I have learned SO much in the year and some months doing photography that I had to share. Several of you have seen my desperate out-cries in the past begging for some kind of direction. Looking back the other day, I realized just how...
  3. I

    Newborn Sessions - 2 in one day?

    I have a newborn session scheduled for this Sunday at 9 am. Just got a request for another newborn the same day. Anybody ever do two newborns in one day? Would you recommend it? I know I'm usually exhausted after just one...thoughts?
  4. B

    how to photograph babies/toddlers in a studio setting

    i just got a job in a studio which i have never done. i have never really been around kids and i don't know how to photograph them or talk to them. how do i interact with them or engage them so i can take photos? what do i do to make them sit still or look at me? any tips or tricks?