1. P

    Poll - Would you pay to enter???

    Hi everyone. I know I'm not the only one that is tried of trying to find new places for great scenery and backgrounds for outdoor photography. Especially ones that don't get you kicked out of. I know most photographers don't want to have more out of pocket expenses than necessary but at the...
  2. E

    Product photography background - suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking to re-create the background shown in the two photos below. Obviously they are just shoes laid out on a concrete floor. However, unfortunately I don't have any indoor concrete floors at my home or work space. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to recreate...
  3. zoligirls

    Who can print a 8 foot x 12 foot backdrop

    Hello folks, I am new to the forum but not the industry, I have just expanded my studio, and I am looking for a company who can make 8 foot wide x 12 foot long matte vinyl back drops, from photos that i have taken over the years, I found a thousand places in China, but i would like to know if...
  4. H

    Searching for Backgrounds

    I'm new in fashion photography but I shoot wedding dresses session and the client want to replace the grey Chroma with suitable backgrounds and I've never used this technique and I've removed the Chroma easily with Photoshop but my problem now that I can't find any high resolution backgrounds...