1. Modifeye

    Basic Tips for Better Travel Photos

    Hey! I decided to give this whole Youtube thing a try haha. Here is a video I made to help improve your travel shots; the basics! Cheers :1247:
  2. O

    Does the Camera Model really matter?

    Not getting into professional photography but still feel something for it. Got a Nikon D3200 with basic 18-55 kit lens. Just wanted to know if its perfect for Landscape shots or if I need to upgrade the lenses. As I said, not into professional photography but just one of the hobbies. Being a...
  3. D

    Bird Photography; Always be Prepared with These Settings

    The camera settings below are designed specifically for bird photography using long lenses (400mm or more) and hand held technique. The settings were designed to allow all types of bird photography without sacrificing anything and without having to change settings other than exposure while in...