1. TWX

    Workshop bathroom that can do double-duty as a darkroom

    So there's no guarantee that I'll do this, but figured I'd look into it before making decisions that specifically rule-out the possibility. I have a detached 24'8" by 38'8" workshop that was built with the house that includes plumbing in the ground for a bathroom in one corner. At the moment...
  2. J

    Exposure Troubles. Interior Bathroom Vanity Lights Close to Reflective White Tiles

    Hey guys, any one have any tips for shooting real estate baths and exposures issues when shooting bright led vanity lights mounted close to white tiles ? Have watched some of the f Stoppers videos on this but still running into trouble. Shooting with Canon 5D Mark IV. EXii speedlight...
  3. TriggerLoft

    I need to do a shoot in a public washroom

    Should I just put a sign on the door saying "Out of Order"? Or is there a better way?