1. nerwin

    Tis' the season for flowers & bugs

    Yep the dandelions are popping up now. I saw a bumble bee today which I don't normally see in April here. But I saw this bug collecting some pollen on this dandelion, I assume it's some kind of bee. I got nice and close as I could with the macro. I'm pretty happy with it overall. It was cloudy...
  2. Koziorowska

    Bee and poppy

  3. Rui_Santos


  4. Rui_Santos


    Manual Focus Stacked Image Bee by Rui Oliveira Santos, no Flickr
  5. LCGLincle

    An orange flower w/ a bee

    Took this photo 2 years ago on a park, and this is probably my most beautiful flower shot last 2015. :lovey::love_heart: What do you think of this one?
  6. Rui_Santos

    Bee - First pic here

    Bee from Brazil Fuji HS25 + Raynox MSN-202 Bee by Rui Oliveira Santos, no Flickr