1. F

    What camera is being used?! SOS

    :1219:Hi guys! I recently went trought a guy's intagram and I found some really cool polaroid pics and since the only polaroid photos I've seen are those taken with Fujifilms or Instax which are way smaller and not so wide. I thought maybe you guys could give me a hint of which camera the pics...
  2. Th3KatsMeow

    Beginner looking for some more advice

    Ok so I Posted here last month and after taking all the comments I would like for new advice on my last 9 pics derek corcoran Thanks Everyone.
  3. T

    Advice for product photography

    Hi All, I dont have much experience in photography but I am currently developing a new ecommerce store for ceramics and pottery . My mission was to picture all of the items in the website. I am using Panasonic GX7 with the stock lens. I am taking the pictures in light tent. I will be very happy...