1. O


    Hi, friends, I am oliver. I love taking pictures and capture some great moments in my life. i am a newbie. i hope that I can improve my photography skills with help from all of you.
  2. F

    Creating a home studio for taking pictures of clothes

    Hello dear friends I have a lot of clothes that I want to wear them to the mannequin and photograph for my own work. Until now, it was like that I was taking photos and give them to the graphic artist to remove the mannequin with Photoshop and just use the photo of the dress alone. It is very...
  3. P

    Can any zoom fit a DSLR???

    My grandpa has a 500mm zoom from the brand Sigma and Minolta that he used on his old Minolta camera from about 30 years ago approximative and I was thinking of buying a Nikon d3400 and I was wondering if the zoom would fit on it? I know that might be a stupid question to ask but id like to know...
  4. B

    Using CameraSim??

    I'm really interested in getting into photography but I'd really like to know what I'm doing before I go out a spend some dough on a camera. In my searches for learning photography, I came across this site: DSLR Simulators for Photography Instructors & Students | CameraSim has anyone used it...
  5. SashaGonta

    I just want to know what you think of my photos and what to convey to you?

    What do you think of my pictures? Not to post all the photos I put the link instagram: Sasha Gonta (@unphacido) • Instagram photos and videos