beginner camera for photography

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    Beginner film camera recommendations

    Hello, I am just beginning, this would be my first film camera and was looking for a 35mm slr thatd be good at landscapes and portraits, I would love one that has a timer, light meter would be cool although not needed. I would like it below $150 although I can probably go to 200, probably used
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    Nikon Z5 for low-light product photography?

    Hello, I was looking to purchase a strong yet basic beginner-intermediate level DSLR for product photography. Today I went to a local shop and was very disappointed in what was sold to me (A mirrorless Canon M50 EOS Mark II)- I felt it was a step backward instead of forward. I am used to...
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    Hi, friends, I am oliver. I love taking pictures and capture some great moments in my life. i am a newbie. i hope that I can improve my photography skills with help from all of you.

    What is the best beginner camera - a test!

    Hey all, I have tried to answer the question of what is the best beginner camera - or entry-level camera - so often, that I thought it might be wise to do a "real life" entry-level camera test to enable people to make an educated purchase. I tested 9 entry-level cameras: CANON t7i (800D) CANON...