1. J

    Tips For Beginners

    I found (in my opinion) the BEST site for tips for beginners. It dumbs it down for you in regards to aperture, balance, cropping, depth of field, etc... This is really helping me out alot. No linkbacks, please - Admin.
  2. JinxyCatInk

    Beginning Photography, Where to start? (Closed)

    Currently writing articles for my magazine, since its the first issue, I thought the first article should be about How to start Photography. Alas, I am not a photographer, so I'm puzzled on where to start myself. Would anyone help me with this? what is the first thing a photographer needs? where...
  3. YoungPhotoGirl

    The #1 Photographer Tip! | How to shoot better photos with your DSLR!

    There's so many amateur photographers who are scared to take their skills to the next level. I say scared, because it's not about the individual lacking the skills necessary- Skills are something you develop naturally as you practise. FEAR is what stops you from trying, fear stops you from...
  4. D

    Bird Photography; Always be Prepared with These Settings

    The camera settings below are designed specifically for bird photography using long lenses (400mm or more) and hand held technique. The settings were designed to allow all types of bird photography without sacrificing anything and without having to change settings other than exposure while in...
  5. D

    Beginners 10 Night Street Photography Tricks

    Much is discussed concerning photographing through the daylight hours, but how about after that? The night is the best time for street photography. Cityscapes are lit with an array of multi-colored and interesting light resources, such as lampposts, neon symptoms, store home windows, car...
  6. J

    Really good explanation for people starting out with photography

    I think this short explanation is really good as base when starting photographing. What do you think?