1. toscanafoto


    I want to share with the community photographs of my travel in Nepal The photo gallery is a beautiful combination of many portraits and photos of people , architecture landscapes , monuments , street photos , details and much more ... To see the photo gallery of my trip click on the link below...
  2. Patrickktown

    Drying Rice

    In the Bhaktapur region of Kathmandu, Nepal, two women dry rice in an open market. Love their attire. I noticed so many women working in the fields doing hard manual labor dressed in clean, colorful clothing.
  3. Patrickktown

    Old and New

    I liked the contrast not only in the black and white photo but the young boy being in the light suggesting youth and life and the older woman in the shadows suggesting maturity and old age. He was walking to school in the morning and she had stopped to get something out of her bag on the way to...
  4. Patrickktown

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    In the Bhaktapur region of Kathmandu. My trusty 17-55 mm Canon lens f 2.8 1/1250, 55mm, ISO 100. Very dusty area of Kathmandu even two years after the massive earthquake.