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Oct 17, 2006
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I want to share with the community photographs of my travel in Nepal

The photo gallery is a beautiful combination of many portraits and photos of people , architecture landscapes , monuments , street photos , details and much more ...

To see the photo gallery of my trip click on the link below


Positive or negative comments are very appreciated ! Thanks in advance !

A beautiful trip of mainly cultural and ethnographic interest to learn more about the traditions , the uses and customs of the Population of this fascinating Country and also to visit the beautiful Temples and architectural buildings of Newari or Newa style from breathtaking beauty it make you live in an atmosphere of ancient times ; part of the trip was dedicated to nature and to the visit of a National Park for sighting animals ; in some villages to admire the wonderful Himalayan landscapes ... but unfortunately in this case the weather did not help ! The itinerary of approx 850 km has been covered in approx 9 days through small rural villages and large chaotic cities

Photos are taken: Kathmandu - Bhaktapur - Patan - Chitwan - Pokhara - Bandipur - Lumbini - Bharatpur - Nagarkot - Butwal - Mugling - Bardaghat - Shuklagandaki - Malekhu - Sarangkot - Tansen - Siddharthanagar

I add some useful information that better explain the the main ones locations I have photographed :

Kathmandu : it is a very chaotic but also very fascinating capital , it is located at about 1350 meters above sea level . Durbar Square is one of the most interesting areas : among the most important buildings I point out : the Hanuman Dhoka ( the Royal Palace ) , the tower of Basantapur , the Temples of : Trailokya Mohan Narayan , Jagannath , Kotilingeswara Mahadev , Indrapur , Vishnu , Mahendreswara , Taleju , the palace of the Kumari Bahal . Nearby , not to be missed the beautiful Temples dome shaped of Boudhanath and Swayambhunath ( also known as the Monkey Temple ) . Pashupatinath is the most important Hindu temple in Nepal , it is a Sacred place where many bodies are cremated daily outside on the banks of the river to then disperse the ashes in the Bagmati river . The lively neighborhood of Thamel it is recommended for shopping and entertainment , there are hundreds of tourist shops , restaurants , pubs

Patan or Lalitpur : it is considered the oldest of the Royal cities . In the picturesque Durbar Square there are some of the most significant buildings : the Royal Palace , the Temples of : Krishna Mandir , Bhimsen , Vishwanath , Taleju Bhawani , Jagan Narayan . Nearby the Monastery Uku Bahal and the Temples of : Mahabouddha ( also known as the name 1000 Buddha Temple ) , Kumbeshwar , Kwa Bahal

Bhaktapur : it is a city of unique beauty ! In the splendid Durbar Square there are some of the most interesting buildings : the Royal Palace , the 55-windowed building , the Temples of : Char Dham , Vatsala Devi , Pashupatinath , Vatsala Mandir , Taleju , Shiva Kedarnath , Jagharnath , Siddhi Lakshmi , Mandap , Fasidega . Nearby there are the Temples of Nyatapola , Bhairava Nath , Dattatreya , Bhimsen

Lumbini : it is an important religious center located a few kilometers from the Indian border , birthplace of Siddhartha ( Gautama Buddha ) where numerous temples are built in different Asian styles

Pokhara : it is a renowned and lively holiday town located approx at 1400 meters of altitude ; it is often used as a starting point for trekking routes or simply to relax on the lake Phewa . Among the most important tourist attractions there are the Temples : of Peace , of Bindhya Basini , of Tal Barahi , the cave of Gupteswar Gupha and the waterfall of Devi . Around the city at the village of Sarangkot at 1600 meters of altitude you enjoy a privileged view to admire the wonderful mountain massif of Annapurna ( 8091 meters )

Chitwan National Park : it is a nice place to organize excursions in nature ( walking , on a boat , above the elephants ) . Numerous animals are present : tigers , single horn rhinos , deers , crocodiles , boars . Specifically the Park is inhabited by 43 mammal species , 450 of birds and 45 of amphibians and reptiles

Bandipur : it is a small well-preserved village at 1030 meters of altitude with typical houses , the most important Temple is the Bindabyasini

Nagarkot : is a small village located a little more than 2100 meters of altitude , it is considered one of the most beautiful observation points to admire the Himalaya
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It all sounds lovely!

However, we'll ask you to post your images here, at TPF, rather than a link back to your website. Thanks so much.

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