1. F

    Is it possible to take film photos that look like these HUJI photos?

    Hello, apologies for what must be an irritating question for film photography enthusiasts, but I mean well. Over the past month or two I've been researching and trying to learn about the basics of film photography, as while I have a digital camera that works fantastic (a Sony a3000) and I've...
  2. ScouserClete

    Sky Cut Out Assistance

    So I have some photos that I've replaced the sky by using "Blend If" and taking out the blues or grays. Works great most of the time until the background turns to bokeh. I get fringing and its difficult to get it to blend well and look natural. I had it figured out at one point by waving a brush...
  3. gossamer

    Calculating shutter in low light to avoid motion blur

    Hi everyone, there are two problems with this picture. The first is that, somehow in the process of changing from my 24-70mm to my 70-200mm VR2 lens on my D500, the Qual button was pushed and the shutter speed dial rotated, changing my RAW+Fine to NORMAL I was nearly entirely through the shoot...
  4. mdsphotography

    Dragon In The Mist

    My second post today and to the Forum. I captured this guy this past summer and intentionally created the bokeh aspect. Always open to C&C as this is how I/we learn going forward. Best regards, Mark
  5. P

    What lens do I need to get background blurred

    Hi! I am new here! I have a recording studio for my youtube channel with 3x4 meters. It's in my garage, actually. The camera stays in the garage gate and I am 1 meter off. I have a canon 70D and a Sony A7r II. What is the best lens to use in both cameras to have the background blurred? I have a...
  6. M

    Canon EOS M10, help?

    Hi!! How are you? I need some help to choose a lense for my camera. In january I bought a Canon EOS M10, and it came with a 15-45mm lense. And now I would like to buy a lense that blurs the background better, once I usually use the camera to take photos to other people (family, friends, etc). I...
  7. B

    Beginner shot of the day [8]

    I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month. Here is the 8th
  8. mrsblackfoto

    Help new to photography world!

    hi there my name is Krystal I'm a mother of two and just begun to take photography more seriously. My goals are to have a business and also be involved in the fine art spectrum of the field. I have a background in art I always been better at thinking with the creative side of my brain so...
  9. imagespeak

    Blur & Distortion Around Egdes of Images

    Hi All, I have a Nikon D90 which I've had for 6 years now. It's been around the world several times and dropped, knocked and bumped about. However, it's performance has been flawless until about a month ago when I noticed that the edge of all images was blurred. It looks as iff I've applied a...