broken camera

  1. NGH

    Agfa Ambi Silette

    Recently my best friend pulled out his grandfathers old camera which he had stashed in a box in his garage and asked me what I thought of it. It was an Agfa Ambi Silette in mint condition (aesthetically) in it's case with a filter container and light meter attached. Also there was the 90mm...
  2. T

    my DSC f828 sensor is being weird HELP!

    so it started messing up quite recently and I originally thought my sensor was dead but after some playing around I realized it doesn't mess up during videoing stuff. so I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on what is happening. iv linked an image. (btw iv tried resetting and im also...
  3. neypacs

    Help! White Dot in my Shots!

    Help! I purchased a 2nd hand camera called YI M1 mirrorless camera and it was okay for some time but one time I forgot to put on the cover for the body when I took out the lens. After some time I noticed a very little white pixel on the upper right corner part of the picture. I noticed it when I...