1. nerwin

    Cars bring love

    I've been sitting on this photo for a while. I really like it but never felt like sharing it because I was using a 35mm lens and was too far away so I had to do a fairly heavy crop. But I liked the photo overall after waiting a few months since I took it haha.
  2. sarahjanephotographie


    Candid photo from a pride parade last year. Backstory: Happened to be in the city while Pride was going on and a few friends and I had plans to meet up at a restaurant that happened to be in the middle of where the parade was taking place. I decided to take my camera with me just in case and...
  3. H

    Street Corner Kiss

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this website, so this is my first post. This photo is cropped to bring emphasis to the young lady kissing her partner.