canon 80d

  1. TexOkie

    Northeast Oklahoma Newbie

    I just signed up to TPF. I’m 69 years old and have been shooting photos since I was 16. In my younger days, I produced some very good images, but as I’ve aged, my eyes have lost their ability to see sharply on a consistent basis. I’m also starting to wobble a bit, but unlike a Weeble, I do...
  2. alex_ethridge

    Newborn Photography Update for beginner

    Hey everyone!! I have been away for quite some time buuuuuuut I have learned SO much in the year and some months doing photography that I had to share. Several of you have seen my desperate out-cries in the past begging for some kind of direction. Looking back the other day, I realized just how...
  3. L

    Canon 80D continuous AF problems

    Hi! The continuous autofocus (eg. AI Servo in Canon-ese) works fine for my 80D when shooting in live mode. . . which is something I literally never do, always opting to use the viewfinder. I use back button focus, but once I lock focus (single-point) on a subject while using my viewfinder, it...
  4. GreggS

    [SOLD] Canon EOS 80D body (+ extras!) - $820

    Canon EOS 80D Camera Body. I'm including an unopened SanDisk 32GB SD memory card, Vivitar battery and travel charger, and the Canon 80D camera strap. The body includes the original box (see kit photo). I am the only owner of the camera, and it has a less than 3,000 shutter count. I've owned...
  5. A

    Upgrading from Canon XDi (400D) to 80D or T6s (760D)?

    Hi guys, I have my Canon XDi that has started to have autofocusing issues, plus it's hold and can't get go higher then iso 800 that the picture has so much noise. So i finally decided to upgrade. I would need an all around camera, had a look at those two i put in the description. I would like to...