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  1. N

    Canon F-1N Aperture Lightmeter Issue

    Hi folks, Well I run into an issue regarding my FD 35mm f/2.0 SSC II lens. I mounted the lens to my F1 New (Eye level finder FN) and quickly realised that the lightmeter was off. Basically the aperture I select on the aperture ring of the lens isn't synched with the lollipop of the light meter...
  2. legacyphoto

    Newbie from West Palm Beach

    Hey Everyone, I am 41 years old and use my camera everyday to perform building inspections for insurance purposes but have decided to get into photography as a hobby and I am really new to this. I actually would like to get into film photography since I use a digital camera everyday...
  3. 1

    E-Mount Lens Bundle

    Hey all, I am selling my lenses and I am committing directly to film photography. I want a fresh start and want new gear. I have 3 clean, quality, and pretty much unused lenses for sale and I have a link to my eBay listing. I'm selling: Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 w/ original bottom cap & Fotasy FD to...