canon rebel

  1. shoutinhalls

    Sensor cleaning question

    Greetings all! I am a very new photographer and think I may have gotten something on my sensor. I called a local place that cleans them but they gave me contradicting information: First he said that the spots in my photos should not change size regardless of the zoom on the lens, then he said...
  2. P

    Upgrading from Rebel XS--what to get?

    The time has come... my Canon Rebel XS has been great since 2010, and I'm still feeling guilty/unsure about upgrading it, but with my upcoming travels next year I really want something I can shoot video with instead of the iphone 4 I used last time (which is better than nothing, but it'd be...
  3. mckbrown

    Lens Advice for Rodeo Photography

    Hello! I have been shooting at a few local rodeo and rough stock events in our area. At the end of November I get to photograph a rodeo school and am needing some help in regards of what lens I should use. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3. I have the 18-55mm lens that it came with, as well as a...