canon t5

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    Picking First DSLR Camera?

    Hello! I am planning on buying my first DSLR camera and have done a little bit of research online so far to find the best one. The most important factors to me are 1) image quality (sharpness) and 2) size - I will be traveling with this camera and would not like it to be too bulky or heavy...
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    A DSLR Camera lens that Acts like this Smartphone lens

    Hello! I have been into photography for a little time and I'm still learning the basics, I'm also into video and lately I have been wanting to do some close up shots like the ones on this video, when the girl touches the camera lens the image of her fingers and objects does not blur up like when...
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    Upgrading from Rebel XS--what to get?

    The time has come... my Canon Rebel XS has been great since 2010, and I'm still feeling guilty/unsure about upgrading it, but with my upcoming travels next year I really want something I can shoot video with instead of the iphone 4 I used last time (which is better than nothing, but it'd be...