canon t5i

  1. angelusagendi

    Need advise from experienced Canon portrait photographers

    Good day, I'm looking for some insightful advise from experienced portrait photographers who use Canon cameras. Currently, I have Canon t5i eos camera (crop sensor camera). I am diving into portrait photography. I already have a lovely Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens that makes nice headshots. However...
  2. A

    Buying first camera!!!!! NEED HELP

    I borrowed my brothers Nikon D3300 for a weekend and absolutely fell in love with photography! I'm looking to buy my first camera and am really getting mixed messages as to where to start. My friend who's amazing at photography suggested I start with something in the Canon t series but I wanted...
  3. P

    Upgrading from Rebel XS--what to get?

    The time has come... my Canon Rebel XS has been great since 2010, and I'm still feeling guilty/unsure about upgrading it, but with my upcoming travels next year I really want something I can shoot video with instead of the iphone 4 I used last time (which is better than nothing, but it'd be...
  4. F

    canon t5i vs nikon d5200

    i have the opportunity to trade in my t5i and $50 for a d5200. i would also have to buy a battery for the d5200. is it worth the cost?
  5. D

    Canon T5i video VERY grainy?

    Even at ISO 200, my video is very grainy and pixelated, primarily in the darker spots, but I've seen nice videos with this camera, but when I set my shutter speed to 1/30th, quality to 1920x1080 30fps, aperture 3.5 and ISO 200, it still looks like crap! I'm getting really discouraged because I...