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capture one

  1. nerwin

    Do you use presets to edit your photos?

    Since the majority of photo edit applications...Lightroom, Capture One, etc have the ability to use presets for a once click edit, do you use them? This is more for people who shoot RAW, but it can be applied to those who also use presets on jpegs as well. I am curious how the response will...
  2. WalterRowe

    Nikon Z9 / Affinity Photo Focus Stack

    This decorative little bell is about 3.25 inches tall. Nikon Z9 + Nikkor Z 70-200/2.8 25 Frame Stack, Focus Step Width 1 ISO 200 | f/2.8 | 1/8s | 130mm Capture One 22 RAW-to-TIFF Affinity Photo Focus Merge to TIFF Capture One 22 TIFF-to-JPG
  3. H

    Loupedeck + photo editing keyboard, super clean in box!!! $190

    I'm selling my Loupedeck+. I’ve only used it a handful of times. If you’re processing a lot of Lightroom phot’s this is a must have!!! This is the updated model the + I guess it’s compatible with other software. Sells new for $249 from BH photo. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have...
  4. Fujidave

    HELP/ Capture One Pro 11

    Hi I am totally stumped what I am doing, so could do with some help. For the last few days each time I try to open a New Catalog in C1 this happens ( Photos enclosed ) I think I might be doing something wrong but don`t know what. @Ysarex 1 Photos show they are loading nicely. 2 Then they...
  5. M

    LR or Adobe DNG converter or Capture One to convert ARW

    Yes, I've been reading to many random posts about how C1 is so much better for converting ARW files. But I'd really rather do my editing in LR because, frankly, I don't want to learn a whole new system while I'm still getting used to my new (a6300) camera. So do I first bring my ARW photos...