1. Cinderellas Castle.jpg

    Cinderellas Castle.jpg

    The 100th anniversary celebration of The Walt Disney Company in honor of its founding in the year 1923 by Walt Disney. What an amazing legacy to gift to the world than one of the happiest places on earth.
  2. Vieri

    Dunstanburgh Castle, in Northumberland (UK)

    Dunstanburgh Castle, in Northumberland (UK), after sunset. 6 seconds with my Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 21mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters. Thank you for viewing and commenting. Best regards, Vieri
  3. birdbonkers84

    Scottish Castle long exposure

    1. Dunnottar Castle early morning by Mark Coull, on Flickr This morning my alarm went off at 03:30am for heading up to Dunnottar Castle for a sunrise (05:15) attempt with a friend. Unfortunately the weather apps lied as it was raining and the sun would be smothered in a thick wall of cloud. So...
  4. birdbonkers84

    Castle sunset

    1. Dunnottar Castle sunset by Mark Coull, on Flickr This is Dunnottar Castle situated in the north east of Scotland. There was a gorgeous pink in the sky, this shot was taken just as it started to fade. I really wanted to get the bay in the shot so that's why I chose this position.
  5. birdbonkers84

    An early morning adventure

    On Saturday morning I got up at 6am and headed off to my local castle to try and get some early morning photos of it. It was windy and freezing, but I'm happy with what I got and it was overall a good experience. 1. D7100 + 18-55mm lens, f/13, 21mm, bulb mode, 61 seconds exposure, ISO 100...
  6. birdbonkers84

    Small Scottish Castle; Dunnottar Castle

    1. Dunnottar Castle by Mark Coull, on Flickr 2. Dunnottar Castle by Mark Coull, on Flickr 3. Dunnottar Castle 18mm by Mark Coull, on Flickr 4. Dunnottar Castle by Mark Coull, on Flickr 5. Not the only one photographing the castle by Mark Coull, on Flickr Been almost a year since the...
  7. nerwin

    Madame Sherri's Castle

    Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to visit the Madame Sherri Forest in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire. I've been wanted to do it for a while when I found out there is some castle remnants. It was a warm day, about 90 degrees and humid but the walk is a VERY short distance from the...
  8. Ambient Lightscapes

    Just a Bucket List Place

    At least it used to be on my bucket list. Ladies and gentlemen - Salzburg at sunset, Austria: