1. S

    ez controller noritsu, how to operate without the dongle.

    Hello guys, I need some help, I am a self-employed photographer and I use the ez controller noritsu software, but my pc broke the hd and I lost the program, I got the program again in version 7.20.004, but I don't have the doungle , because in my previous program I was able to use it without...
  2. DesireeP

    Noob! Some shots from a black and white weekend.

    Im a noob as most people would say. New to both the forum and to photography as a whole. Art runs through my veins and i have found a true passion in photography... I spent this weekend only allowing myself to see the world in black and white. I knew exactly the type of photos I was looking for...
  3. davidbeckphoto

    Do photos need to "represent" something or have deeper meaning?

    I'm what some call a lifestyle photographer, meaning my images collectively portray and promote a certain way of being. A lot of my shots are candid, raw, unedited, and unapologetically in-the-moment which I believe adds to the believability and impact of the images. My number one critique from...
  4. P

    Exclusive condo lodging/photos exchange - downtown Costa Rica

    Hi, I'm looking for a professional photographer, interested in 2 to 3 nights of high quality lodging for travel to Costa Rica, in exchange for professional photography of the condo you will be staying in, interior/exterior and hopefully with a drone for an aerial shot. There is a link we...