1. mauvesmiles

    Old Town in Montréal

    Two daytime snaps from the old town in Montréal, Canada.
  2. mauvesmiles

    Tampere in Winter (Lessons Learned)

    Tampere is the city, which is associated as the home of the industrial revolution in Finland. Even if elsewhere a lot of the industry was founded by German families, in Tampere a lot of the equipment and influence came from England. In the winter of 2022, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend...
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    IMGP8964 copy.jpg

    shop in Lawrenceburg
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    Cummins downtown, Columbus, Indiana
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  6. D7K

    More Budapest - Long Expo

    So maybe best I don't fire off new threads for each shot from here haha, so I will add a few long expo's in here if that's cool! And sorry guys, it's more from Budapest, This time a long expo show of Chain Bridge and the traffic; D850 - 24-70 @ 32mm - f13 - ISO31 - 13 Seconds
  7. U

    Istanbul sunset

    Some photographs I took in Istanbul, after sunset. Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Maiden's Tower by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Bosphorus Bridge by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr