classic car

  1. N

    BMW M3 Classic Beauty Shot

    I would like to share this nice shot. I think that this European beauty is a BMW M3 model and it was taken with Nikon Z5 kit (24-200mm f/4-6.3).
  2. nerwin


    Well this photo may not be my strongest because its unconventional composition. I tried something different and perhaps this is just too "instagrammy" type of film inspired photo. I don't know. The reason I shot it this was because the light was in the worst spot, there was so many distractions...
  3. nerwin

    Oldsmobile Super 88

    Lately when going to car shows I pretty much stopped taking pictures of cars because it gets so repetitive so instead of being a photographer, I become a car enthusiast which I also am and I check out other peoples rides and talk shop, which luckily is kind of improving my speech impediment...