1. A

    What problems do you run into organizing your sessions?

    Hi there. I’m working on an app with my friend. And we wanted to know if you guys having the same challenges in your photo session management processes. We intend to create the first dedicated app, called Portray, with all the functionality required for a quick search for profiles in your...
  2. A

    Client Galleries - Which do you like best?

    Trying to decide which client gallery is the best option for me. I love the commission free option of Pixieset but love the functionality of Photoshelter. Would appreciate your experiences and thoughts with these and/or any of the others. Thanks!
  3. NedM

    How do clients schedule appointments with you?

    Recently, I've been thinking about the different ways clients can schedule appointments for a session. I'm sure the majority here, myself included, schedule their appointments via phone/e-mail. But is there a more effective way? I came across a few automated scheduling applications and one of...
  4. C

    Difficult Client

    Good day fellow photographers, I would like to have your opinion on a clients remark. I had a special package for a prom / matric dance about 3 weeks ago. It include 30 edited photo's on a DVD which I delivered to the clients house. The client (whic is still in Highschool. she is 18) then...