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    Squirrel finding a snack.
  2. A

    Help needed for taking macro/close up with Polaroid iX6038 Bridge camera

    Hi I take macro/closeup. My camera only has f6.5 and f3.2 on Spirits priority. I have a macro button. I also have manual, apeture priority, shutter priority, program, auto modes, scene, video, continue shooting. Shutter can go 8.0, 4.0, 2.0, 1.0, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125...
  3. J

    Macro Fire Experiments

    Hey Everyone, I just had a great weekend experimenting with my 105mm macro lens and a highspeed camera using water, lighter fuel and soap. Lighting up those bubble led to great small Fire Balls and quite cool macro shots. Have you ever tried those of similar shots? What do you think of it? I...
  4. jessecrowdenphotography

    Here are a few mushroom closeups I have taken

    Let me know what you think of them :) to see more check out my site at Jesse Crowden Photography
  5. Steven Dillon

    Rainbow Seeds

    Rainbow Seeds is another piece from my current portfolio. It was composed in Augusta, GA. From The Artist's Story blog post: "I was creating abstract compositions of an open pod of seeds one spring afternoon in the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park when the light changed to a perfect amount and angle...
  6. Steven Dillon


    This is another piece from my current portfolio. It was composed near my neighborhood in Aiken, SC, and I found a group of them surrounding a mailbox (some folks around here use flowers to decorate their postal box and make it look pretty). From The Artist's Story blog post: "Spiral is one of...
  7. Steven Dillon

    Rye Patch Stargazer

    Another macro flower from my portfolio. This subject and a couple of others were just sitting outside the Rye Patch on the front steps as I wandered past one warm Spring afternoon a few years back. I really couldn't resist such an attractive flower. Techs: Canon 5D F/22 1.3 seconds 180mm No Flash
  8. Otto von Chriek

    Here's Looking At You...

  9. M

    Beauty photography

    Hey there! I just have a question for everyone/ anyone who does beauty photography. Before anyone says anything - I totally get that there is a level of skill at the hand of the person photographing it and that years of practice and schooling goes into it but I'm insanely curious as to how to...