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  1. P

    Can I still use night mode manually after calibrating my screen?

    My question is can I still use night mode manually after calibrating my screen? It would be nice on my eyeballs to still be able to use it when I'm not color correcting at night. Thanks everyone in advance.
  2. S

    Worflow & Color Space | Camera > Ligthroom > Photoshop > Ligthroom > Web with Calibrated Monitor

    Hello, I have a problem regarding my workflow and understand the principle of Color space I have a monitor BENQ SW2700PT calibrated with Spyder Pro So I have have another Color Profile Named "BENQ SW2700PT Color Profile,D6500"; than the pre-configured ones (AdobeRGB, sRGB), Windows is using...
  3. chuasam

    Flat picture Control

    Some Nikon (and Canon) DSLR cameras have Flat picture control. For reference here is the details Flat Flat* provides minimal dramatization while preserving the material characteristics. Compared with Neutral, the finish shows less contrast and does not look lively as it is. When you add...
  4. P

    Weird display of color profile (Camera RAW, IrfanView, Windows)

    Hello community, this is my first post in this forum, so please excuse any mistakes! I've registered because of a long-term problem with color profiles and calibration and hope that this forum can provide good tipps... What I did: I bought a Spyder for calibrating my monitor. I do a lot of...