1. R

    Picture slides

    Hi to everyone, I was just wondering if any older experienced people would be able to advise me regarding 60’s & 70’s slides please ? My 91yr old father in law was a real keen photographer and amassed quite a few slides. I have tried to find a suitable projector so that he can see a lot of the...
  2. WILKOEfoto

    Pentax Spotmatic

    Taken on my new PENTAX spotmatic on Kodak Ektar 100 film.
  3. primefactor123

    Playing With Light

  4. michakac

    Flash, colours and gold NSFW (new photo)

    Hello again : ), Here are the results of my work with my friend Natalia Onyszkiewicz (her 1st time in the front of the camera). As you may guess (or not) - these aren't professional colour gels - I've used the cheapest materials found in the supermarket.
  5. nicolasnico

    Screen calibration (Spyder5)???

    Hi there, I have a AOC screen i2769VM, calibrated today with Spyder5 Elite. Yet, I'm not satisfied of the result yet. It's not bad, but colors looks maybe a bit yellowish (reddish), and it seems too dark. Now, my picture looks better on my Android screen. Any advice, feedback, thought...
  6. Otto von Chriek

    Here's Looking At You...

  7. Otto von Chriek


    A few fern frond uncurling...
  8. G

    Pentax K50 vs Nikon D3300 - Selective Colour Effect Filters

    Hello. I will soon be purchasing my first DSLR and have narrowed my choice to the above two cameras... Pentax K50: I have an old vintage lens from my dad (smc m 50mm f.1.7) I'd like to be able to use, and I like the cameras durability, built in stability, and photo quality) Nikon D3300: More...