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    Canon EF 75-300 with 2.2x magnifiers?

    Hello. I'm new to photography and just got my first telephoto lens for my Rebel T7, the Canon EF 75-300 III UM. The T7 came in a bundle with the Canon 18-55mm lens, and a couple additional Commander lenses, the 2.2 telephoto lens and a wide angle. I used the 2.2 telephoto lens a lot and it...
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    SB-910, Nikon D750 + Studio Slaves - HELP!

    I am trying to use my SB-910, Nikon D750 & two studio lights on slave mode. I want just the studio lights to flash and not the SB-910. I have tried a couple different settings and can't seem to get the right combo! So I kind of just want the SB-910 to be the commander. Thanks