1. TheFabulousSashaBee


    Hey Everybody! I am a photographer in East Texas who is looking for some tips and tricks on taking better photos. I recently got my website up and running so if you have a minute, pop on over and give it a look! Any and all comments are welcomed and encouraged!
  2. redbourn

    Comment on sea bass

    Hi, The photo was shot on my Galaxy S3 phone before I bought my Nikon D3300 It's 3264 x 2448 I'm pretty happy with the photo for my cookbook but quality wise can I use it? Photos in the book will be abou 7x7" I only have only a few months photographic experience and would appreciate any...
  3. redbourn

    Steak Pie

    My latest food photo and hopefully they are getting better. It looks a little too yellow to me and also seems to have a hint of green. I used a gray card and also have Spyder hardware which I used to calibrate my monitor. Have tried to incorporate some tips that were given me on previous...