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Dec 18, 2009
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Nazaré, Portugal
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The photo was shot on my Galaxy S3 phone before I bought my Nikon D3300

It's 3264 x 2448

I'm pretty happy with the photo for my cookbook but quality wise can I use it?

Photos in the book will be abou 7x7"

I only have only a few months photographic experience and would appreciate any comments on how it might be improved if it can't be used for my book.

sea bass.jpg

Color balance or saturation etc. I have LR and PS

Shot with natural light and filleted by me ;-)


I wouldn't use it for a book; the plate is washed out, the lemon is bland, the parsley is dark and wilted and the composition, with the bits of table/cloth around the edge seems a bit odd. That's not to say that it's a bad photo; just that it's not (IMO) book-quality. One of the things that people don't consider in food photography is the fact that the food is a model. It's not meant to be eaten, it's meant to be photographed, and often, in high-end food photography, the food isn't even edible.

In this example, I would want a different colour plate, one that will enhance the white of the fish, but not fight the yellow/brown of the potatoes. I would also avoid having them heaped together the way they are. Two smaller, neat portions would work better I think. One wedge of lemon, and a single sprig of fresh, green parsley. Also, watch the little bits of things that are here and there on the plate.
I'm hungry... I agree that a different colored plate might bring it home.

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I agree with everything Tirediron said. You have to keep in mind every one with the cell phone is taking pictures of food now days.

In order to stand out you have to create a perfect image. That will mean brush adjustments, cloning, and all types of editing not to mention the initial setup, staging, preparation, and presentation.
Thanks for all the comments.

I will reshoot it with my Nikon and softbox using a different colored plate.

The fish wasn't overcooked but if it looks like it then I have to think of why it looks that way.

Brush some oil on it?

Food styling is a whole art on its own. Look at food magazines and see how they do it. Make it look appetizing. Do some research on Donna Hay.

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