1. W

    What camera would be best?

    Hello guys, firstly sorry for my english.So, im thinking of buying something better than my two years old D3200.Adepts are : Canon 77D(500€) Nikon D5600(430€) or Nikon D7200 from second hand (+-550€) (only bodies) I'd like to photograph most often nature and some wildlife.What do you think is...
  2. G

    D3300 vs D5300 vs D7000

    Hey people, I have a very big problem. I am frustrated. I am an average photographer and i have decided to buy a new camera. My budget is up to 700 USD. I like photographing animals and portraits. I also like video recording, like shooting a short movie. I can't decide between the D3300, D5300...
  3. P

    d3300 vs d5200

    i am a photography enthusiast. i would like to know which of the above are better. my main concerns are macro, birgs and wildlife and landscape. i already used my frnds d3300 in mannual mode also. is it better to choose a cam with more AF points or latest processor and no anti aliasing.?.. my...
  4. redbourn

    A phone vs a camera

    I have a relatively good Nikon camera D3300, lenses, a new softbox and lighting equipment but I continue to prefer photos that I shoot with my phone, Something has to do with the ease that you can move a phone. There is obviously more and I will understand it. The tomatoes are an old...