1. Vieri

    Composition in landscape photography

    Hello everyone, how about talking about composition for a little Sunday fun? As a Fine Art landscape photographer, I consider myself an interpreter. Nature and the landscape in front of me are the score, and my photographs are my interpretations of it. Personally, I think that mastering...
  2. D

    The need for change

    Do you think that having certain tendencies as a photographer is a bad thing? Such as preferring certain angles, lighting, or crop? Or is this simply part of someone's "style"? Personally, I find myself feeling discouraged when I notice that some of my photos are essentially the same...
  3. antongorlin

    In-Depth Photography Composition Tutorial

    This post consolidates all my expertise and skill, and it took me over 6 months to get together. I believe anyone could learn something new from it. There are many articles, but I still decided to create a big composition guide beautifully displayed and easy to follow. I tried to keep it...
  4. photoflyer

    Sports photos: composition tips and tricks

    I struggle with sport photographs and composition. I generally shoot images to include the primary athlete (the one with the ball/bat/puck etc) and competitor with an eye to cropping for composition later. The question then becomes what should that composition be? I am interested in ideas...
  5. Evan55T

    Framing vs. Composition (non-technical stuff)?

    Hi, i really want to learn more about these 2 concepts i understand they are different right? (correct me if im wrong still learning). Framing focuses on different angles and viewpoints/perspectives the subject is being shot, and there are some angles at which certain subjects or objects look...
  6. J

    Drawing the line between artistic identity and following the rules

    Hello friends co-creators, and artists, New on this Forum, Originally from Southern California, currently living on the french riviera. My background in photography... I actually started on the fashion design and stylist side, started getting asked to shoot, took courses at NYIP, now it's my...
  7. nf1

    Vibrant Portrait Poster

    Hello - new guy here and would like some feedback on a portrait composition I made. All constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks to everybody in advance for taking the time to comment.