External flash

    Hi all! I am very new to photography as a hobby, so bear with me :) I have a Nikon D3200 and an Andover DA-560II external flash. Not the fanciest gear, but i think its ok for an amateur as me :) When i mount the flash on my camera, i can't get the external flash to work. The flash itself works...
  2. TheFabulousSashaBee

    Nikon D3200 Rokinon 14mm lens

    Hey guys! I recently purchased the Rokinon 14mm lens and I am wondering why my camera tells me to "Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture" when I change the aperture on the lens' manual ring? I am using a Nikon D3200. Help!!
  3. F

    Nikon D3200 Bundle

    Complete Nikon D3200 set up. I have not used this set up nearly as much as I wanted to, only about a handful of times. Everything is in excellent condition, and ready to be utilized. All reasonable offers are considered. Thanks for looking! Entire package contains: -Nikon D3200 Camera with...
  4. S

    d3200 issue

    Hi , My Nikon d2300 was working find for around last 1 year. now it is not functioning, symptoms are >> body is getting super heated from inner body of battery container (not battery itself) auto focus happens when half press the button but it is not shooting. can some expert suggest any...
  5. E

    D3200 images half black

    So I just got my first DSLR. It's a nikon D3200. It was a floor model, with no lens, and no cover. It sat like that for who knows how long. When I took it home and tried to take some shots they kept coming up as the top 7/8 of the image fully black, and the bottom was the subject, but blurry...
  6. Arx

    Nikon d3200 - Amateur photos :S

    I tried to pick out best of the best. Been doing photography almost 2 and half month. Looking for feedback/suggestions/criticism. + I don't have a tripod yet which is quite annoying. Full gallery at : home //Photos are now in spoiler for an easier scrolling.There will not be so many photos next...